VARIOUS - "From Dungeons Deep" CASSETTE


For the uninitiated dungeon synth may seem like just another arbitrary micro genre, but this brand of dark dungeon music is so much more. Taking cues from everything from classic 90s black metal over obscure 8- and 16-bit video games to fantasy roleplaying games and literature, dungeon synth came from humble origins and has since blossomed into a large community, spanning a great deal of influences, styles and sounds.

From Dungeons Deep is a compilation featuring 17 international dungeon synth artists, hailing from anywhere from Romania to Brazil to Canada. With completely new compositions, the artists featured on From Dungeons Deep reveal the nuanced nature of the dungeon synth genre, each showing their own take on the atmosphere and sound.

  • Dirge For Today (usa) - catacomb
  • Amarthalos (rou) - into the cold depths
  • J. Brewer (usa) - undergnome's manufactory
  • Grod (bra) - a safe way to invoke a demo - grand ritual of banishment
  • Hollowcrypt (usa) - the fae
  • Velvet Tears (ger) - wanderer at night
  • Dryads (mex) - the spring and the maiden
  • Slug Baron (usa) - as sun breaks upon the slug barrens
  • Messor Barbarus - remembrance of the lost sky wonders
  • Royaume Des Brumes (fra) - the saddest dragon
  • Hekate (ita) - when the storm comes
  • Tashughrath (fra) - forest of disillusion
  • Heren Istarion (can) - through field and forest
  • Anachronvs (usa) - with a light magewind in their sails, they embarked at night for a perilous journey
  • Thoth (usa) - flowing in and out of this realm
  • Winter Elf (usa) - blood sun
  • Kaluder (ita) - the court

  • 37 copies
  • White cassette body
  • High Bias Type II CrO2 tapes
  • Pro-dubbed
  • 5-panel J-card
  • Hand-numbered

Released in 2018 by TONEwood Music