ROLLING STONES - "Singles Collection: The London Years" 4 CASSETTE BOX

20 EUR

This is one beautiful cassette box, containing four tapes that span the London Years of Rolling Stones. Though the brilliant rock songs in this compilation are good enough in their own right, you could argue that the lavish booklet is where the real fun is at.

Featuring around 70 pages of old photos,  cover images, lyrics and credits - all on coloured paper - this is a real collector's item. It measures about 12x12 inches, the same as a vinyl record, and is about an inch thick. However, this ships at the same shipping rates as all other tapes in the TONEwood store!

The box is in pretty good condition. The casing itself is a bit battered - a testament to its life as a library item - but the book looks excellent except for a few scuffs on the cover. The tapes themselves look virtually unplayed. There are stickers on the A-side of the tapes, though they look and feel easily removable. There's a library number sticker on the spine.

Condition: Good looking copy

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Released by London Records in 1989