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Ol' Black Eyes has fathered more than a few albums that are out of this world, and Trash lies right at the top of the pile where popped-up listenability goes hand in hand with enticing guitar riffs with guts and more than enough balls for an entire Village People concert.

Armed with instant classics like Spark In The Dark, Only My Heart Talkin' and Bed Of Nails, Trash is a seminal album that anyone should love. It's got the slow burners and the fast hard-hitters - Just a bit for everyone.

1. Poison
2. Spark In The Dark
3. House Of Fire
4. Why Trust You
5. Only My Heart Talkin'
6. Bed Of Nails
7. This Maniac's In Love With You
8. Trash
9. Hell Is Living Without You
10. I'm Your Gun

Condition: Cover has minor scuffs, side 2 body label has a tear in the top right hand corner

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Released in 1989 by CBS Records