HEXECUTOR - "Poison, Lust And Damnation" CASSETTE


Simply put, Hexecutor from France know how to put together face-shredding thrash metal riffs with no compromise! With a touch of the occult and a jagged guitar tone, as well as the craziest vocals in recent times, Poison, Lust And Damnation stands as one of the most outstanding thrash albums of the last 5 years!

1. Macabre Ceremony
2. Hélène Jégado
3. Visitation Of A Lascivious Entity
4. Marquise De Brinvilliers
5. Phalanx Of Damnation
6. Raped Under The Stars
7. La Sorcière Du Marais
8. Hardrockers City

Condition: M/M
Brand new, straight from the label!

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Released in 2017 by Destruktion Records