TELEPORT - "Galactic Usurper / Stellar Damnation"


Slovenian sci-fi thrashers TELEPORT have been hanging around for quite a few years by now, and during that time they've released a few immense demo EPs - Together now, for the first time, on a physical release!

TELEPORT bring ferocious thrash from outer space with just a tiny bit of blackness added to the mix for good measure. Fans of Vektor and especially the mighty Voivod should be pleased!

Limited to 150 copies
On-body printing
Pro-printed covers
Reversible covers - Flip it to choose your favourite!

Galactic Usurper:
1. Galactic Usurper
2. Digestive Pit
3. Future Existence
4. Destructoid
Stellar Damnation:
5. Eons Of Concealment
6. Stellar Damnation
7. Obliteration Of The 

Released in 2017 by TONEwood TAPES